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Becoming Matriarch:

Creating A
Menopause Wisdom



Many of us have felt isolated and confused trying to navigate perimenopause, menopause, and midlife without community support and without a clear map of who we are becoming as we enter this new era of our lives.

There is a gap of decades between embodying a Mother archetype in our 30’s and 40’s (whether we’ve expressed this by creating physical children or by creating career, projects, art, or studies) and becoming the archetype of Crone, the sage and elder, later in life in our 70’s and 80’s.

Who are we in this time between? I propose that we are entering the archetype of Matriarch - the powerful wisdom holder who is a leader for herself as well as for community. This potent transition is not something we can navigate alone.

Are there other online menopause communities out there? Shockingly, not much. There are a few big support groups on Facebook, but these often perpetuate the same disempowering and ageist messages - menopause sucks, we’re slipping into irrelevance, we’re fearful because this shouldn’t be happening. The few other support groups that exist are mostly focused on menopause as solely a physical event, and miss the potent exploration of the psychological and spiritual shifts emerging in us, which need tending to blossom.

Welcome to the Moon Passage Community!

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The goal of The Moon Passage online community will be to support each other in navigating the challenges, finding our power, creating a new cultural narrative, and reclaiming our feminine wisdom. Here’s to empowerment and community support!

Our online community of support and inspiration will include:

  • Affinity groups for women of color and LGBTQIA+ folks
  • Book clubs
  • Local interest groups
  • Topic discussions
  • Menopause meditations
  • Archive of stories and writings by community members
  • And more!

Age doesn’t automatically make us an elder - it just creates “olders.”
A conscious navigation of this time is needed to arrive in our wisdom, and take the throne of our maturity. The world needs true eldership now more than ever.

-Kerry McKee, LCSW


…increased social support can actually change the physical symptoms we are experiencing during menopause?  

Yes, it’s true!  Multiple research studies have shown having increased social support can reduce menopausal symptoms.  More generally, social support is known to have a stress-buffering effect, and higher stress can worsen menopausal symptoms.  Our long-ago ancestors who lived in village or clan based societies would have had abundant support for this developmental rite of passage.  It’s time for us to come back into the circle of community, not only for our physical wellbeing, but for our true psychological and spiritual vitality.