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As we move through our Moon Passage, we’re entering a new chapter of our lives and identities. New archetypes are moving through us - Queen, Huntress, Warrior, Sage, Magician. We’re dismantling old, imbalanced ways of being and completing vital developmental tasks to truly step into our mature power.

We’re not meant to do this alone. This is an initiatory transition meant to be witnessed and shared. Having a rite of passage ceremony is an extremely potent way to mark and celebrate this transition in an intentional way, gaining clarity about who we are becoming and how to embody that fullness.

Whether this ceremony is on a Moon Passage retreat or created personally with a group of friends, it's a vital act because our dominant cultural narrative of menopause can feel so disempowering. It takes intentional action, personally and collectively, to create a new story.

Welcome, You can be part of this ceremony!

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Please stay tuned for dates & details for our next in-person and online retreats.


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Both our in-person and online rite of passage retreats support the multi-faceted emotions of letting go of our pre-menopause identity, initiation into our new era of power, and understanding how to be in the world as an embodiment of mature wisdom.

We will explore this journey with tools including:

  • Wise council and reflections
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Trauma-informed psychological resourcing and parts work
  • Creativity – song, movement, expressive arts
  • Sharing the story of our bodies
  • Guided imaginal journeys
  • Connection with nature
  • Ritual
  • And FUN!

In this transition time, we may have felt lost trying to navigate the challenges of a disempowering Menopause. All the while, the alternative and empowering perspective of a Moon Passage has been right there, a rite of passage into wisdom that’s just waiting for us to wake up and say yes, I choose this way instead.

-Kerry McKee, LCSW


...the timing of our menopause may be similar to our mother but not our symptoms?

Genetic factors play a role in determining the age at which we have our menopause (defined as one year since our last menstrual bleeding), so our timing might be similar to our mothers.  But genetics aren’t strong predictors of symptoms – your menopause may be very different than your mother’s, and can be influenced by many environmental, psychological, and lifestyle factors.

Please sign up here for our newsletter to know when our next in-person and online rite of passage retreats will be.