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Perimenopause as

Initiation into Leadership

Kerry McKee, lcsw

“Honestly, I created this project for myself as much or more than anyone else! In navigating my own physically and emotionally challenging perimenopausal journey, I found a stunning lack of information and support for this transition, and felt lost and confused."

The physical symptoms were intense, and at first felt like the central part of my experience. I have privilege - financial, time, cis-gendered, being white - and still felt dismissed by western medical doctors, overwhelmed by all of the alternative health options, and at a loss about where to find effective support. I was enraged and saddened by the disempowering narratives in our culture about menopause and aging, and knew change was needed.

I could feel there were powerful psychological and spiritual shifts happening in me, and sought out the guidance and mentorship I could find for how to navigate these. Some of this guidance was from other humans, and some was sitting in council with the earth, speaking to my imaginal circle of wise female ancestors, and listening deeply to my body and soul. I decided the saying “If not now, when? If not me, who?” needed to guide me in founding the Moon Passage to create cultural change. I began integrating what I found together with my professional medicine basket of tools – trauma-informed psychotherapy, depth psychology, somatic embodiment, expressive arts, and more – to create a map for navigating this potent passage. I’m here as a guide, but also here as a learner and participant as much as any of you who come to this project. We’re creating something new and potent and deeply needed together.”

My Bio

Kerry McKee, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and rites of passage guide who lives & works in the Santa Cruz mountains of northern California, the unceded lands of the Amah Mutsun people. She identifies as a cis-gendered white woman of mixed European descent. 

As a social worker, a field which emphasizes finding and treating the root social cause of dis-ease, she views the The Moon Passage as vital cultural change empowering feminine wisdom and creating a pathway for maturation into wise eldership, something our world is vitally needing. 

She approaches her psychotherapy work and the creation of the Moon Passage from a trauma-informed and anti-oppression perspective.  She has trained extensively with respected organizations including UCSF, Spiritrock Meditation Center, the EDMR Institute, the Hakomi Institute, the IFS Institute, and the Animas Valley Institute, and holds a Master’s in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, a Master’s in Health Psychology from the University of Surrey, U.K., and a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.  Her medicine basket of psychological tools & creativity includes EMDR, IFS, somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, non-dual inquiry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), eco-therapy, depth psychology, and creating ritual.

She loves helping other humans come home to the wholeness of their Self, and the wholeness of the living system of life. You can find more information about Kerry and her psychotherapy practice at

I believe any experience, no matter how challenging, has the ability to be an opportunity for spiritual depth and personal growth. It’s all about what we interpret the meaning of an event to be. Menopause is no exception. If it means loss, we will feel and live it as loss. If it means positive transformation and opportunity, it may be a challenge, but one full of magic and potency.

-Kerry McKee, LCSW