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A New Proclamation of Menopausal Power

It’s time for a new narrative, a new understanding of our journey. Here’s my visionary statement of where we’re headed and how we get there.

Questioning our culture’s narrative of menopause, 

We illuminate the isolation and powerlessness we’ve felt.

The belief that this journey is solely a loss, 

to be met with fear, anxiety, shame and silence –

We let go of this limiting, imprisoning story. 

Standing in the clear light of our knowing,

We begin the reclamation of our wisdom. 

Empowered, we step boldly over this sacred threshold

Into our greatest psychological and spiritual fullness.

We embrace this rite of passage,

We embody new archetypes, 

We explore our shifts in identity,

We celebrate the potent aliveness & clarity menopause creates 

to know ourselves and our profound & needed purpose in this world.

As we make our way back to the timeless wisdom of all our ancestors, 

we discover the deep power held within the collective feminine.  

We bring wholeness to ourselves, and healing to our culture, 

creating vital balance and transformation. 

By a conscious navigation of this passage, 

we shine our luminous light into a world hungry 

for the nourishment of true eldership and wisdom.

In our journey, we move on a spiral path, from Reclamation to Empowerment to Balance to Transformation to Timeless Wisdom.


Questioning & releasing our culture’s disempowering narrative about menopause, we reclaim our truth.

The name “menopause” points only to an ending, the stopping of monthly cycles.  In our modern western culture, we often fear menopause as solely a loss – of fertility, desirability, value, and relevance, as well as a loss of control over our bodies and emotions.  The medical narrative of symptom management reduces this to solely a physical event. Silence and shame are imposed by our ageist culture, leaving us isolated and disempowered.  As we learn the historical & cultural reasons these narratives evolved, and question their motives, we find that hidden under these disorienting messages has been hidden a potent truth about feminine power and wisdom.  We say yes to illuminating this new story.    


Exploring our truth and choosing a new story, we gain access to personal and collective power.

As we release old narratives and begin to see the true potency of this passage, we naturally become empowered.  We begin shedding limited cultural messages about menopause, aging, and the feminine that we now know to be untrue.  We choose a different and more empowering story to tell ourselves and to spread cultural change in the world.  We see the effects of this choice in a different relationship with the physical experience of menopause, and in more access to energy, creativity, aliveness, and purpose.   In the company of other women, we share and discover what is truly unfolding in this journey – in our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits.  We find that this transition, navigated correctly, is bringing us over a threshold into true maturation and wisdom. 


Claiming our power, we find balance within ourselves, and step into our wholeness and maturity. 

Empowered, we naturally begin to create a new internal balance, nourishing our psychological and spiritual maturity.  We feel how we all carry a balance of masculine and feminine energy within us, yang and yin.  We stop allowing the disempowering values of the immature masculine in our culture and within ourselves to run our lives – hyperproductivity, competitiveness, self-denial, overconsumption, perfectionism.  We gain access to healthy masculine energy within ourselves – access to assertive anger and action, strong leadership, healthy boundaries, self-valuing.  We find the expressions of our full feminine power  – empathy, embodiment, earth-connection, intuition, connection to mystery, creativity.  In this balance, we find our wholeness and offer this as our full aliveness to the world.


In our balanced maturity & wholeness, we find ourselves transformed into unique embodiments of wisdom.

Reclaiming & releasing, stepping into our power, finding our balance, we become transformed into the wise, unapologetic women & leaders our world is needing.   We explore our shifts in identity, finding an aliveness & clarity this transition time creates to know our authentic selves. We discover our purpose paths, in whatever uniquely intimate or broad ways those are meant to be expressed in this world.  We support other women in finding their way to empowerment.  We create the cultural changes our culture and world is needing for equality, justice, and truth.  We feel our natural belonging as part of the earth, and in that, our full human aliveness.  We intrinsically know our power, wisdom, and value. 

Timeless wisdom

Reclaiming, empowered, balanced, transformed, we step into the timeless wisdom of feminine eldership.  

The wisdom of menopause is an ancient knowing connecting us to all our ancestors.  Menopause helped make us successful as a species (the Grandmother Hypothesis of evolutionary biology).  This is no mistake, this transition of our bodies is pure wisdom.  We listen and say yes to the new archetypes that come calling at midlife – Queen, Warrior, Huntress, Sage, Magician – which are a potent culmination of our individual journeys. Our ancestors in matriarchal cultures around the world knew that the wisdom of older women was needed for a culture’s balance and thriving – leadership, clarity, empathy, discernment, nurturance.  We say yes to our crowning as wise elders, celebrating the power of our moon passage.

Let’s explore this path, together, and help all women have access to a new, empowering story!

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