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Reclaiming Menopause

as Initiation Into Wisdom

Reclaiming Menopause

as Initiation
Into Wisdom


You’re dedicated to your wellbeing - body, mind, and spirit - and want to navigate

perimenopause, menopause, and midlife Healthier Happier Wiser than ever before.

And the physical and emotional challenges of this time are shaking you to the core.

You sense menopause is a potent psychological and spiritual rite of passage but it’s been frustrating to find any solid guidance on how to harness the power of this transition.

You’re longing for community, support, and trusted knowledge.

You know our culture’s attitude towards menopause, aging, and feminine wisdom is deeply broken, and you want to be part of changing this.

Welcome. You’re in the right place.
The Moon Passage is community and support for menopause wisdom and cultural change.

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Building a Community
of Wisdom



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"Yes, the physical experience of menopause can be intense - mood swings, insomnia, lower libido, vaginal dryness, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, hot flashes, and more. But if we perceive menopause as only a physical event, we will have access to a very narrow knowing of this developmental stage. If we open with curiosity to the psychological and spiritual dimensions of this transition, a new level of transformation is available."

-Kerry McKee, LCSW

A New Proclamation of Menopausal Power

It’s time for a new narrative, a new understanding of our journey. Here’s my visionary statement of where we’re headed and how we get there.
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Wisdom Writings

hear what people are saying

the passage continued

You are not alone in this journey! Millions enter their perimenopausal journey each year (the time leading up to and the years after the time menstrual cycles stop). But very few feel well supported by our culture during this transition.

The vast majority of what’s currently out there about menopause – books, websites, organizations, social media – is all about symptom management or “surviving” menopause as a dreaded loss.  Unfortunately this can support a patriarchal narrative – our bodies are to be controlled and our natural cycles are an unfortunate mistake.  Does that sound empowering to you? 

We’re NOT saying the menopause transition is easy.  But it’s more than just challenge – there is so much wisdom and power ready to emerge in us as we journey into this new stage of our life.  We’re not meant to be the same person who emerges as the one who went in.  This is a rite of passage, and we have so little support in our culture for navigating these turbulent waters.  

The Moon Passage has been created as this much needed support – a place where all of us with a menopausal transition can witness each other in this journey, share knowledge, and explore the wisdom of this initiation.  (Read more here for our message about inclusivity.)


…that menopause may be one of the factors that made us successful as a species?  

The Grandmother Hypothesis was popularized by anthropologist Kristen Hawkes in the 1980’s and ’90’s, and has been debated & celebrated since.  A recent book – The Slow Moon Climbs by historian Susan Mattern – explores the evolutionary biology of this hypothesis.  Menopause isn’t a mistake – it’s timeless evolutionary wisdom.